My Daughter and her “Broken” hair

The first haircut of our kids are always worth remembering. For my two older daughters I can still clearly recall the day they had their haircuts. I choose, a well known kids hair salon for their first time. I even kept some of their hair strands as a souvenir. Both of them even received a certificate from a hairstylist. They are all well documented. For my third, daughter, I want to make it extra special. Not only I want to do document it, I want to do the cutting of my own. After all, I have some knowledge in hairstyling. I have been thinking about it for months now however, I so love her curly hair that is why I am bit uneasy doing it. But yesterday, after seeing her having hard times and uncomfortable with her hair while playing and sleeping I decided to proceed and cut it a little bit short myself, as it is already became uncomfortable for her when sleeping. I get my scissor and my her barbie comb and go near her. Surprisingly, no resistance in her part, but I started doing my first cut, she gently, whisper to me… Are you still joking? whisper to me… “is this a joke Mama,? as I do every cut. My daughter keep uttered is this a joke.!? Probably, cannot comprehend what I am doing to her. Then, maybe she already realized that she already that this is not a drill. She suddenly shouted, why my hair are in the floor.? I can sense that she was little bit concern and upset already. After, a while tears were slowly going down her eyes, and she told meyou broke my hair…. You cut and cut and cut and cut. Now, my hair is broken. I am broken now.

If you are mother, and your little girl blame you for something it is a crushing blow. I know all you mothers out there can relate to me. Seriously, I made a mistake,  a mistake  of not explaining to her what we will be doing. I assume that everything will be alright and because she is still a baby, she will not be affected by what I have done.

She kept on telling me, that I broke her hair. But actually, I made a bigger mistake… I broke her trust, I broke my promise to do her no harm and by not explaining to her anything, I cause her harm ( at least for her own point of view). I feel like I made her a hostage of the situation. I underestimated her capacity to get hurt. Her capacity to feel betrayed. I guess this will also serve as a gentle reminders to us parents who loved their children so much but tends to overlook some simple rules and values in life, just like me. I guess because I am so excited, some I forgot he basic rules of parenting. Well, I learn my lesson and thank you to my daughter. Don’t worry dear you still look gorgeous, even with your “broker hair.”



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