Wisdom About Family from Mother Teresa

Yesterday, as I was surfing the net to read something interesting, I come across the life of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and she inspires me so much. It suddenly changed my view about life and about my family. She lived an amazing, selfless life. A true testament of grace and God's blessing to the world.… Continue reading Wisdom About Family from Mother Teresa


Top 10 Churches for Wedding in Metro Manila

#1 San Agustin Church, Intramuros, Manila If you want to travel back in time,  then  San Agustin Church is your church.  It is a UNESCO heritage church inside the walls of Intramuros.  It is also called the mother of all churches and despite other places claim was the only building left intact after the destruction of Intramuros… Continue reading Top 10 Churches for Wedding in Metro Manila


Steps on How to Manage Your Negative Thoughts and Emotions

We all have ups and downs. There are days that we may feel so low and we are full of negative thoughts and emotions. Well, if you, at this point in time feel negative. Here are some steps that you might want to do to lighten up your day: Understand that negative thoughts have a… Continue reading Steps on How to Manage Your Negative Thoughts and Emotions


My Daughter and her “Broken” hair

The first haircut of our kids are always worth remembering. For my two older daughters I can still clearly recall the day they had their haircuts. I choose, a well known kids hair salon for their first time. I even kept some of their hair strands as a souvenir. Both of them even received a… Continue reading My Daughter and her “Broken” hair


“NAY” (Mom) of Cinema One Originals… Are you brave enough to watch this movie?

 Do you want to watch a really good movie that will scare your heart away. Are you an avid fan of horror movies? Then do yourself a favor, watch “Nay" (Mom)  I dare you to enter the world of Martin,  a rich, sheltered youth who gets transformed into an aswang ( a Filipino mythical monster… Continue reading “NAY” (Mom) of Cinema One Originals… Are you brave enough to watch this movie?


The Deep and Dark world of Depression

Depression is a serious condition that needs immediate attention

Super Pinay Mom

e1c9846e3a4b4193451427080de1ead4--art-sketches-art-techniquesSadness and Loneliness are normal emotions. We all feel sad and feel blue but it doesn’t linger. Usually, it will away after few days or weeks.  Depression is something different, It’s a period of overwhelming sadness and has a debilitating effect to the overall functioning of a person Depression is one of the most rampant and serious disorder in the society.

Remember Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain made it clear through his music and several interviews that he was battling internal demons, which is depression.

How about our favorite comedian Robin Williams, who would have thought that behind the contagious smile and laughter, lies a sad and dying depress man. Nobody knows that he is suffering from manic depression throughout his life.

What about  Chester Bennington who was even caught video of her late  laughing with his family just hours before he took his own life.

fed503e86e12117c27b4e85e93333a7d--dark-photography-conceptual-photographyNot to mention more than 350 million people…

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