Prayer for my Kids

I love them so much and I want them to grow beautifully. Please strengthen my faith Lord, to share to them your goodness. Thank you so much Lord God. Amen

Super Pinay Mom

Lord Jesus, thank you for giving me my kids,  they are truly the greatest gift,

I love them so dearly but yes they are and my biggest challenge! I need your guidance in help in making them grow.

I pray for strength as I work hard to provide them their daily needs. 10216f590563aa207b5a98c763c7874aI also pray for strength to help them build their characters as they become better as they grow. Lord I also pray to give me a heart that will always full of love and compassion… A heart that will love them unconditionally even in times that it so hard to love them. A heart that will follow your heart. 

I also pray for courage to allow them to try new things. A courage that will empower them to go out of their comfort zone and sore new heights, discover things and achieve success.

Lastly, please give me…

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Beware of Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese Encephalitis is one of the  threats in the health of our kids today here in the Philippines. I came across to know this disease after a schoolmate of my daughter fell victim of such. Fortunately, the little girl survived it, though the health damage has been fatal and lifelong. Last week, Philippine Department of… Continue reading Beware of Japanese Encephalitis


A Letter to our Daughter

Just want to share this again, I posted this blog when I still dont have followers 🙂

Super Pinay Mom


We love you.

This letter starts with such because it is why this is written. From the moment we knew you’re on the way, we felt the love that is so overwhelming. It gave us sense of purpose and joy that cannot be explained. We know that some of these words may be hard for you to understand now, but we are still writing it anyway. We are hoping that these words help you along the way, so here we start.

Learn to Love. Love is a great feeling. It is free. Start by loving yourself so you can spread more love to others.

Speak your mind yet consider other people’s feelings. Relationship is so fragile that even a single act of rudeness may ruin or destroy everything you have built. Speak up if you see injustices in your surroundings. Make a stand if you feel that your…

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My Top 10 Favorite Quotes about Love and Marriage

My true love is my main business which is Wedding Planning.  I have been part of the wedding industry for a decade now. Fortunately, I have successfully handled hundreds of weddings. I love it so much because it is a celebration of love and marriage! I love hearing, vows, i love reading quotes and thoughts… Continue reading My Top 10 Favorite Quotes about Love and Marriage

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What did I learn after a decade of parenting

1. A parent’s heart is capable of loving all his/her children equally. It has no limit. It’s boundless. Show them how to love and they will love you the way you love them. 2. Attention and time are priceless and no amount of material things can replace them in the eye of your children. Attention… Continue reading What did I learn after a decade of parenting